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Play as COMs Operative Clara.
Hack the streets of Vegas Prime.
Decode a mysterious message.
Explore a sprawling metropolis.
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Vegas Prime Retrograde

In the future, humanity expands beyond its home planet, reaching deep into the stellar abyss. The lines between human and machine have blurred and Vegas Prime stands at the intersection, a utopian beacon of hope. Clara awakens from the cold of extended stasis into a disorienting world both familiar and foreign. Play the role of Clara as she struggles to recover a data burst from deep space, and as she battles friend and foe to uncover the secrets of this place called “Vegas Prime.”


> Classic 90s cyberpunk stylistic presentation.
> Street-level and subterranean hacking missions.
> Stealth, puzzle, and investigation style gameplay driven by a compelling story.
> Story tie-in with Vegas Prime Retrograde underground comic.
> Available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Hacking & Gameplay

Clara’s primary action is to hack various electronic devices that are made available to her. Sometimes she uses her deck to tunnel into devices to acquire bits of the data bundle, and sometimes she uses it to attack data uplinks used by corporate hackers.

Hackable targets can be almost any electronic device, ranging from parking meters to unsuspecting com-units to security cameras, and are scanned by her NAV unit or added as waypoints automatically.

While she is hacking devices, she is able to use whatever illicit software she has picked up to help her. These can range from new improved dictionary lists, DDOS software, viruses, or the rare Quantum Brute Force application. These can speed up her attacks, slow down the opponent, cause disconnects, or other effects.

Target systems incorporate the signatures of these tools quickly, so each tool is single use. USE THEM WISELY!