We’ve made some changes to how we’re handling stories and missions in Vegas Prime Retrograde. Vegas Prime Retrograde was originally a set of action sequences and linear missions that pulled the player through the main story line, A Dance with Venus. You started in Stasis, woke up, and progressed through a linear story line. It was ok, but it wasn’t the game that we wanted to build, you know? It wasn’t the game that we wanted to share with you.

It wasn’t the game that we wanted you to play.

So we did the most cyberpunk thing we could think of: we flipped everything on its head and broke every rule we could find. We wanted richer stories with better characters. Characters you cared about. We wanted our stories to be experiences and not simply justification for action. So, we picked up a copy of Twine and some other story development tools, the kinds of things people use for other types of games, and went to work.

Our stories are now rich and deep experiences that lead Clara to make decisions and take actions. Her actions impact the story, the story impacts the characters, and the characters build and develop into a rich cast. We use visual novel mechanisms to give the player branching dialog trees that help them decide who Clara really is and what kind of relationships she has with the characters around her. We weave these mechanisms into the semi-open world of Vegas Prime as Clara, and the player, explore the Vegas Prime Platforms and interact with all of the stories and experiences that are strewn about the world.

We’re back in the business of building experiences and creating meaningful things. We’re eternally grateful to the Beta Testers and community members that have helped us figure out where we want to go and how to get there, and for being a part of our growth as game developers.