It’s important to remember that Artificial Intelligence covers a broad array of topics like machine learning and function. Much like naturally occurring intelligence, our synthetic-origin intelligence takes many forms, with a varying degree of sophistication. When most people ask about “Artificial Intelligence” in Vegas Prime, they’re usually asking about human-like intelligence and sentience. We call them Cognitive Imprints.

Cognitive Imprints

In VPR, all human-level (and greater) intelligence are built off of cognitive imprints, a technology that was created to characterize and store the various bits of information required to jump-start an AI into being. In VPR, Cognitive Imprints are collections of data built off of real people, living and dead. Often, they’re amalgams of multiple people, creating a sense of uniqueness and individuality.

What do they look like to the player?

Cognitive Imprints in Vegas Prime Retrograde typically are not corporeal, existing in broad networks of super-computers, with no static location of being. The player encounters Imprints that take on key roles, like working in a medical bay, or manning extreme-long-distance (ELD) spacecraft. The imprints use existing technology as their mechanisms for interaction – medical imprints use hardware to perform operations, conversations happen in messages, just like humans. In some, extremely rare cases, Clara encounters real-world avatars of the imprints, but in no cases are they actual corporeal forms. In game-play terms, this means that Clara will interact with them like she might interact with a remote person – messages, phones, conversations on the DarkNodes, holographic projections, etc…

How common is AI in VPR?

Though Clara will encounter a number of them, sentient imprints in VPR are extremely rare. They require a great deal of dedicated processing power. Less sophisticated forms of AI are a bit different. AI controlled sani-bots and other devices virtually litter the streets of Vegas Prime.


As of yet, though existing imprints out-perform humans in some profound ways, nothing that would be characterized as a super-intelligence has been created. Existing imprints have reached a theoretical limit in their potential. The main plot of Vegas Prime Retrograde centers around this topic.