It’s really easy to overlook religion and spirituality when constructing science fiction worlds and narratives. A lot of us think in secular terms when it comes to science and the future, so it makes sense – it’s easy to brush off. Unfortunately, it’s not very realistic. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and part of that is bringing the spiritual identities of our ancestors with us. Sure, they change over time and evolve with us culturally, but even in some of the most esoteric of cases, we bring some part of that with us. Sometimes it’s as simple as food or conversation protocols, or maybe it’s in how we understand our family unit or express love. Either way, we try not to neglect the topic in our efforts to build an engaging science fiction world. We want the world we’re building, and the people that live in it, to be as rich as possible.

Do Religion and Spirituality exist on Vegas Prime?

Yes, but not in the same measure. I think people lean more heavily on their own sense of spirituality than on the constructs of religious worship itself.

Do religion and spirituality play a heavy role on Vegas Prime?

Probably not in the way that it does today. Vegas Prime enjoys a great diversity, but exists in a place in time where humanity has shed a lot of its issues. Vegas Prime is essentially a utopian monument to human growth. That’s not to say that these ideas haven’t been brought with them through their journey. I believe that they likely have, and in some cases, new ideas will have popped up as well.

Diverse Belief Systems in Vegas Prime?

Absolutely. Though I think most individuals living on a platform system like Vegas Prime would have a very healthy respect and love for science, people would absolutely retain their spiritual identities when it came to the unknown and the unknowable. In addition, I imagine that most people would be looking to keep cultural practices alive and well, as an homage to their ancestors.