I was thinking today, as I spent the afternoon playing around with ProBuilder in Unity3d, working on some game props. A crate isn’t really anything special, 3d model-wise, but it’s a quick way to familiarize yourself with the basic tools. It’s basically the “Hello, World!” of 3d modeling. I have a huge number of textures laying around and thought I’d take advantage of that while I check out ProBuilder. You can use your own texture library or grab something from the asset store if you like. Your call.

The way it works, is:

  1. Create a basic ProBuilder cube shape (New Shape)
  2. Extrude a face up to create the desired “locker” shape (Extrude)
  3. Bevel the top face to create a bit of depth to the shape (Bevel)
  4. Apply a base texture for the main material (Material Manager)
  5. Apply a face texture for the door (Material Manager)
  6. Muck around with the camera post-processing stack.
  7. Hello, World!
  8. Share it on Twitter and tag me @openformgames!

This is what I came up with. It’s nothing crazy, but it would make a great crate/locker prop in a sci-fi game! Not bad for a few minutes and no real ProBuilder experience!

So, give it a shot! I look forward to seeing your Hello, World! Post it and tag me, and if you need a hand, stop by our discord and I’ll try to help! :)