Open Form Games
PC | Mac | Wii U, December 2017

Data Burst is the first episode in the Vegas Prime Retrograde series. Play as COMS operative Clara as you hack your way through the futuristic streets of Vegas Prime. Intercept an unusual message from beyond the futuristic grave, piece together a mysterious data bundle, and infiltrate a corporate facility to seek help decoding the data by an imprisoned AI.

PC | Mac | Wii U, TBA

Guitars, rock'n roll, and giant freaking robots. It's time to save the world. Official video game page for E.V. and Jett!

PC | Mac | Wii U, TBA

Play as a Gatherer, a deep space resource gatherer, scouring the surface of a dead planet, gathering valuable minerals and ancient technological artifacts, and piecing together the last moments of a lost civilization.

iOS | Android, July 2014

Xamalga is the long awaited iOS and Android arcade-style, music-based mobile game from Open Form Games Studio.

Play against the pulse-pounding tracks of Xamalga Prime or go head-to-head against your own library of music as you take on Xamalga in Open Form Foundation's music-based arcade game.
Struggle against Xamalga for points through each song, competing for top ranks and bragging rights.


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