Open Form Games
July 2016

Title screen test for an upcoming sci-fi release set in the Vegas Prime megaverse. It's just a demo, but we'd still love to hear your feedback!

As always, music by our friend Quaro

October 2015

Getting to know your personal Proximity Hack Deck. Vegas Prime Retrograde, Hacking 101.

October 2015

The official preview for our sci-fi indie game Vegas Prime Retrograde!

March 2015

Grab your fanny pack and Local Group passport and get a glimpse "behind the scenes" of episode one: Data Burst! Walk the streets of the Vegas Prime Central District between deep space jumps with your own digital tour guide. Explore notable locations and learn about the history and lore of Vegas Prime and its role in unraveling the story of Vegas Prime Retrograde. And watch out, our guide system may have been hacked.

Pay attention! There's a test after. (No, there's not.)

March 2016

An 8 page minicomic leading up to the events of our game Vegas Prime Retrograde. The comic follows Clare as she prepares to go into jump stasis, headed for Vegas Prime. Once you've enjoyed this, you can walk through the streets of Vegas Prime in Data Burst - On The Set.


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