• Hello, World! with ProBuilder

    I was thinking today, as I spent the afternoon playing around with ProBuilder in Unity3d, working on some game props. A crate isn’t really anything special, 3d model-wise, but it’s a quick way to familiarize yourself with the basic tools. It’s basically the “Hello, World!” of 3d modeling. I have a huge number of textures laying around and thought I’d take advantage of that while I check out ProBuilder. You can use your own texture library or grab something from the asset store if you like. Your call.

  • Religion in Vegas Prime Retrograde

    It’s really easy to overlook religion and spirituality when constructing science fiction worlds and narratives. A lot of us think in secular terms when it comes to science and the future, so it makes sense – it’s easy to brush off. Unfortunately, it’s not very realistic. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and part of that is bringing the spiritual identities of our ancestors with us. Sure, they change over time and evolve with us culturally, but even in some of the most esoteric of cases, we bring some part of that with us. Sometimes it’s as simple as food or conversation protocols, or maybe it’s in how we understand our family unit or express love. Either way, we try not to neglect the topic in our efforts to build an engaging science fiction world. We want the world we’re building, and the people that live in it, to be as rich as possible.

  • Singularity and Evil AI in Vegas Prime Retrograde

    I know what you’re thinking! How can you write neo-cyberpunk and singularity video games and not have an Evil A.I.?! Well, buckle-up because we don’t do things the way we’re expected to! The sinister, Evil A.I. is a staple of modern sci-fi and cyberpunk storytelling, almost cliche at this point, but the dark promise of a sinister AI is something that never manifested on Vegas Prime. Though possibly in deep history there may be a lurking story about something being covered up, there’s nothing like this right now. Generally speaking, imprints in Vegas Prime Retrograde are enamored with the amazing potential of humankind. In, VPR, our AI are poets and philosophers, part of imbuing them with intelligence was giving them the ability to dream and invent to wish and to hope.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Imprints in Vegas Prime

    It’s important to remember that Artificial Intelligence covers a broad array of topics like machine learning and function. Much like naturally occurring intelligence, our synthetic-origin intelligence takes many forms, with a varying degree of sophistication. When most people ask about “Artificial Intelligence” in Vegas Prime, they’re usually asking about human-like intelligence and sentience. We call them Cognitive Imprints.

  • Remodeling the Stasis Bay

    We gave the Stasis Bay a much needed face-lift, this week. We wanted to make sure that the more boring and sparsely populated areas had something going on something to give it texture, something that added to the character that you first experience when you play Vegas Prime Retrograde.

  • Reflecting on 2017, Charging Into 2018!

    2017 was a pretty solid year for Thomas and I at Open Form Games. We accomplished a handful of large things that are going to take us into 2018 strong like ox.

  • Introducing Tales from Vegas Prime

    I want to take a minute to brag about what we’re doing and to invite you (and your friends!) to participate.

  • Want a better story? Like visual novels? Changes in Vegas Prime Retrograde!

    We’ve made some changes to how we’re handling stories and missions in Vegas Prime Retrograde. Vegas Prime Retrograde was originally a set of action sequences and linear missions that pulled the player through the main story line, A Dance with Venus. You started in Stasis, woke up, and progressed through a linear story line. It was ok, but it wasn’t the game that we wanted to build, you know? It wasn’t the game that we wanted to share with you.

  • Behold! Our fancy new discord server!

    We wanted to hang out with you guys more and what better way than a discord server? Come hang out with us! Talk video games or movies! Chat with our developers! Play games with us! We’re planning game nights, movie nights, and regular beta releases.

  • Large Scale City Prototyping for Vegas Prime!

    Some things, you just don’t know until you try it. When we have to build large things or make changes to large parts of our games, we rely pretty heavily on prototyping and rapid development techniques… just in case it doesn’t work out. We wanted to share a little bit about how we prototype large scale things for Vegas Prime.

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