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Vegas Prime Retrograde #hackFEST this Friday!
November 30, 2016 20:20

Hey, Hackers!

We're doing a live #hackFEST for our Wii U game Vegas Prime Retrograde this weekend and everyone is invited! Keep your key bridge terminals aligned here for our developer live streams, progress updates, Q&A and shenanigans this FRIDAY from noon to midnight EST. Join our Vegas Prime Retrograde #hackFest group to ask questions about the game, our process, our plans, or for advice on your own projects! We'll be setting this insanity up this week and sharing details as we invent them!

We'll be hosting our live streams via Facebook Live, where we'll show you the progress we're making and answer any questions you come up with. We do these periodically anyway, but we thought we'd pull back the curtain on game development.

So, if you have any questions about gamedev itself, starting a game company, or even just tech help on your own game project, let us know and we'll try to help!

Catch us here:



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