Vegas Prime Retrograde Press Kit

Short Description

Vegas Prime Retrograde is a story-driven adventure game set in the fictional metropolis Vegas Prime. Play as COMs Operative Clara as you hack your way through the futuristic streets of Vegas Prime.


In the future, humanity expands beyond its home planet, reaching deep into the stellar abyss. The lines between human and machine have blurred and Vegas Prime stands at the intersection, a utopian beacon of hope. Clara awakens from the cold of extended stasis into a disorienting world both familiar and foreign. Play the role of Clara as she struggles to recover a data burst from deep space, and as she battles friend and foe to uncover the secrets of this place called “Vegas Prime.”


  • Classic 90s cyberpunk stylistic presentation.
  • Street-level and subterranean hacking missions.
  • Episodic story tie-in with Vegas Prime Retrograde underground comic.
  • Story-driven and Dialog-driven gameplay.

Press and Awards

  • Nintendo Enthusiast Interview
  • Nintendo Nuggets Interview
  • Nintendo Nuggets Article
  • “Behind The Indies w/Bruce Schneider Interview”
  • “The Look and Feel of Vegas Prime”

Release Date

When it is done. (Current Estimate, June 2020.)

Price Point


Available Platforms

Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One



Video, Images and Other Media

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About Open Form Games

Open Form Games is a two person game studio based out of Charlottesville, VA. Open Form Games produces episodic games for PC, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One, specializing in exploratory, experimental, and often unusual game experiences.

History of Open Form Games

Open Form Games was founded in 2014 by Stuart Templeton and Thomas Hurtt. Stuart and Thomas teamed up to release their music-based mobile game Xamalga. Sharing their abstract and weird creation with the world at large was so rewarding that they continued to their next series of titles.

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