Tales from Vegas Prime

Tales from Vegas Prime

The Tales from Vegas Prime project is a large scale community story telling effort to build the lore of daily life on Vegas Prime. We bring together the many talented writers, editors, and aficionados in our community to weave the largest, most ambitious collaborative story we can, in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Each vignette is written by members of our game community, adding to the depth, lore and character of Vegas Prime Retrograde. The tales tackle topics ranging from complex ideas about identity to simple ideas that simply expose what life is like on Prime.

Clara may choose to involve herself in the daily lives of Vegas Prime through these stories, helping not only to define Vegas Prime, but also Clara herself. By sharing ownership of the world of Vegas Prime, we open our game up to a greater expression of diversity and representation, with a deeper connection to the characters and stories that litter the streets of Vegas Prime. These stories aren’t simply “community add-on content,” they’re canon. They’re real and they’re vetted by us.

They’re the identity of Vegas Prime.

How It works

The community of vignette writers works together to build their own unique stories that take place in the world of Vegas Prime. Writers start with relatively small side-stories that can be completed in about 5 - 10 minutes of play. The vignettes give insight into daily life on Vegas Prime, but don’t directly impact the main story line. We use branching dialog to let the player ask questions or change the direction a conversation is going. Some of our vignettes are deep decision trees and some of them are light, linear stories, but all of them reveal a little bit of Vegas Prime.

Once a vignette is written, we work directly with the writers to turn their story into a playable story line.

Want to leave your mark on Vegas Prime?

If you’re interested in adding your stories to Vegas Prime Retrograde, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email to get started!